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History of CHUR band

Here you can read a short history of CHUR band

In early 2017, after 8 years after the last album, Chur announces the start of work on a new album called "Luna" (eng. "Echo"), as well as work on three singles - "Brother Wind", "Oldman" and "Three ways".

In 2016 Chur took part in making of soundtracks for Steppe (Saka, Sarmatian etc.) factions of Europa Barbarorum historical modification of Medieval II: Total War™ Kingdoms computer game.

In 2014 Chur took part in Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity in Kiev and created acoustic song "Лицар" (The Knight) after it. But the song was too sad (about tortures and death) and never was released.

In 2013 CHUR and Dabloid released the new version of "Lykho" (Misfortune) album 2009 re-mastered at Dabloid Blue Room Studio.

In 2012 CHUR took part in voiceover of Napoleonic Wars Multiplayer DLC of Mount & Blade Warband computer game as a voice of Ukrainian and Russian officers.

In 2012 CHUR took part in "Триединство" (Triunity) split CD with Russian and Belorussian bands OPRICH and PIAREVARACIEN.

In 2009 CHUR took part in voiceover of The Dark Saga - greatest Russian language Gothic II: Night of the Raven computer game addon. as a main character voice, voices of main Orcs and as a composer & singer of final song.

In 2009 CHUR and Russian Ethno Folk band Vedan Kolod created a crazy remix of Russian folk song Летел голубь (Flying Pigeon).

In 2009 CHUR released second full album - "Лихо"(Misfortune). It was released twice - as digital release by Dabloid Blue Room Studio, and later as a pre-ordered limited CD with bonuses, and at least as an ordinary CD. Label - "Casus Belli Zine" (Russia).

In the beginning of 2009 "Werewolf Promotion"(Poland) re-released the split album CHUR "...z Moroku…/OPRICH’ "Ognetsvet" in MC format. CHUR as a Eugene "Chur" Kucherov\Viktoriya Kumanovskaya\Juriy "Naglfar" Pavlishin took part in "Folk Pagan Fest" (Kiev).

The split-album CHUR "...From the ghostly fog...\OPRICH "Fireflower" was released in 2008. CHUR as a Eugene "Chur" Kucherov\Viktoriya Kumanovskaya\Juriy "Naglfar" Pavlishin took part in "Coyote Open Air" (Moskow) and "Metal Point Fest" (Khmelnytskiy).

"Hammer of Damnation" (Brazil) released the album in 2007 in MC-format. The project played alive for the first time taking part in Svarogovo Kolo Folk Metal Festival in Sevastopol.

Oscorei Music released "Brate Vitre" (Brother Wind) album in 2006 in CD-format.

In a year (2006), Chur recorded the album "Brate Vitre" (Brother Wind) in "Zoloti Verby" Studio (Kherson) in summer of 2006. The album includes 3 bonus tracks. Viktoriya Kumanovskaya, a soloist of the folk ensemble "Slavutyanka", and Elena Vanina recorded parts of female vocals.

In spring of 2005 Chur recorded 8 tracks of Ukrainian folk metal in "NTN Sound Productions Studio" (Kiev). The demo was entitled as "Brate Vitre" (Brother Wind). Chur himself performed all the instruments and vocals; Elena Vanina. recorded parts of female vocals. So, CHUR project came into the world in this way.
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